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The Art and Benefits of Cannabis Production

Cannabis Production

Cannabis CBD Oil

Growing Pains

Indoor cannabis plant growing operations are always the most successful due to the fact that the environment can be controlled. Just like any other crop, the climate has the biggest impact on success. Having the proper amount of water, light and rich soil increases the likelihood of producing a good crop. Successful outdoor grows are mainly dependent upon Mother Nature. For both types of growing, the basic requirements for developing a crop are light, heat, ventilation, food and water. Wherever these can best be maintained will determine a fruitful production. Indoor cannabis growth is also preferred due to the fact that outdoor growth can harm the environment through contaminating waterways, ruining vegetation and wildlife habitat due to the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Much knowledge has been gained in breeding by cross-pollination and nurturing wide ranging strain variations by home-grown horticulturists. Many cannabis breeders now concentrate on advancing plant varieties through growth process control. They utilize heat lamps, fluorescent bulbs, ventilation, soil nutrients, hydroponics (using a liquid solution containing nutrients and minerals instead of soil) as well as salt-free sand. Several experienced growers prefer hydroponics over using soil due to a more rapid growth rate and larger yield of plants.

Cannabis Roots

After seeds have been planted, there is a waiting period before germination takes place. Once it appears that a healthy root system is beginning to emerge from the base of the medium and the first leaves, the seedlings are then transplanted or repotted. 

Although cannabis can be grown without special equipment (hence where the term "weed" originated- because it grows like one), there is a clear advantage to purchasing professional equipment. Experts within the industry continually work to produce cutting edge products that help yield higher cannabis production rates and an ideal bud or flower. The proper equipment certainly helps maximize your harvest. 

Cannabis Goes Mainstream

Cannabis has found itself in the limelight as a natural remedy. Its former "bad reputation" has been nearly abolished. The positive effects of marijuana, and its derivatives have finally come to the surface, and although it doesn't cure everything, cannabis has been proven to aid in many ailments. Pre-clinical trials have proven its success with everything from intercepting the spread of cancer, to helping ease neuropathic pain associated with chemotherapy, to helping treat epilepsy and schizophrenia, and lesser disorders like insomnia, anxiety, depression, inflammation, pain, and more. 

Pot-ularity Contest Winner

CBD (an acronym for cannabidiol) is the most popular component of the herbal remedy. It has become so popular because CBD doesn't have a psychoactive component, which is appealing to a wider audience. This is also a great alternative for those experiencing adverse reactions to THC. The World Health Organization reports that CBD has little to no negative side effects. 

Also, for those who are new to cannabis typically find CBD to be a great introduction, because unlike THC, CBD doesn't get you "high" nor is it intoxicating. CBD can be vaporized using a pen, taken in sublingual tinctures, ingestible oils or treats, capsules, and even in topical products. Perhaps the largest benefit is that CBD doesn't cause any harm.


Medicinal CBD research is still fairly new, especially in the U.S., and government regulations over the past few decades prohibited substantial scientific research and funding. Nonetheless, the research that has taken place and the results gathered so far are incredible. Thanks to laws that are changing, more CBD research is on its way, and more CBD benefits will be discovered.





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