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Top Selling Features of LabExact Weighing Paper

420 cannabis lab products marijuana weighing paper

Photo Credit:  Richard T | The CBD (http://www.thecbd.co)

Every laboratory needs weighing paper for daily use. Cannabislabware is a reseller for LabExact weighing paper. There are many different sizes such as 3x3 inches, 4x4 inches, and 6x6 inches  with 500 sheets per package.

Now let me explain to you the top selling points of the LabExact weighing paper :

First the paper is nitrogen free. 

Second this lab weighing papers surface texture is designed to increase abrasion durability during spatula scraping.

Third the weighing paper has an excellent lot to lot reproducibility.

Next the paper has sufficient structural integrity to resist tearing. 

Lastly the material chemistries are verified against a standard using GC techniques prior to paper making process.

Take a look at the weighing paper and let us know if you have any questions or place your order today. 

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