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Borosil® Liebig Condensers - 300mm Jacket - CS/5

Borosil® Liebig Condensers - 300mm Jacket - CS/5

$170.54 $220.70

Borosil® Liebig Condenser with Drip Tip, Interchangeable Inner and Outer Joint, 300 mm, CS/5

Borosil® Liebig Condensers have an interchangeable inner and outer joint with a drip tip. This simple design has a thin wall for the inner tube, facilitating efficient heat transfer with a low cooling capacity. Most common forms of use are distillate separation. The outer glass tube has two hose connections to assist in the passing of coolant to help attribute to the cooling of hot vapors and liquids for the extraction of solvents. Made of 3.3 borosilicate to withstand heat and temperature changes.


  • Material: 3.3 Borosilicate Glass
  • Color: Clear
  • Approx Jacket Length: 300mm
  • Approx Overall Height: 450mm
  • Neck Type: Joints
  • Interchangeable Socket Joint: 24/ 29
  • Interchangeable Cone Joint: 24/ 29
  • Class/ Quality Grade: Type I, Class A
  • Quantity Per Case: 5


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