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Borosil® Watch Glasses - 100mm - CS/50

Borosil® Watch Glasses - 100mm - CS/50

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Borosil® Watch Glass, S-Line Soda Glass, 100 mm, CS/50

Borosil® Watch Glasses (S-Line) are made of soda glass and each is molded to the same radius of curvature for convenient stacking. The watch glasses are high clarity and free of bubbles. A special process is used that results in an ideal flat curved surface. Watch glasses have many usages from being a surface to evaporate a liquid on, to holding solids while being weighed, for heating small amounts of substances or even as just a cover for a beaker. Watch glasses are nice to have on hand for they are versatile in a laboratory setting.

  • Material: Soda Glass
  • Color: Clear
  • Capacity: 100mm
  • Class/ Quality Grade: Type II
  • Quantity Per Case: 50

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